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According to the results of a major survey conducted by Arbeitsgemeinschaft Gynäkologische Onkologie (AGO – Study Group Gynecologic Oncology), a participation in a study signifies a clear quality feature for an advanced cancer therapy.

According to this, patients with ovarian cancer are treated definitely better in study centers than in clinics which do not take part in studies. This can also be deduced from the survival data of patients. 

The further necessary progress in medicine can only be reached by the conduct of so-called controled studies. 

Besides the optimal clinical care, for many years our clinic is having its focus in research. Our clinic counts among the international “top centers” in the field of gynecologic oncology. 

Our clinic acts as leading office of the renowned cancer society NOGGO (Northeast German Society of Gynecologic Oncology) and is leading office of the study group of AGO (Study Group Gynecologic Oncology). 

In addition to studies concerning chemotherapy (development of new cancer drugs) we also research with different immunotherapies and so-called targeted therapies which for instance hinder the vascularisation of tumors. 

Apart from the active participation in international studies, we conduct ourselves different national and international studies of phases I, II, III and IV which are focused on both the improvement of survival data and the improvement of quality of life. 

The conduct of studies takes places according to severe guidelines (Good Clinical Practice) and in close coordination with the resident doctors. 

Our study coordination office employs competent physicians and specially trained study nurses as well as medical documentalists.

You will find more information on the subject studies and a small choice of the currently open studies under Opens external link in a new window

We are glad to inform you by phone or personally about the further current therapy concepts in our clinic. In addition to clinical trials we also carry out different national and international surveys. We would be very pleased with your participation.

Women with ovarian cancer, peritoneal cancer or tubal cancer can currently take part in an EXPRESSION -3-Survey : Öffnet externen Link im aktuellen Fenster

 Our clinic masters all modern cancer therapies and conducts a wealth of innovative studies on following diseases, both for the first diagnosis and if the cancer disease reappears again (relapse):

  • peritoneal cancer
  • breast cancer
  • tubal cancer
  • ovarian cancer
  • cervical cancer
  • uterine cancer
  • sarcomas of the uterus

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Charité Campus Virchow-Klinikum
Department of Gynecology
Prof. Dr. med. J. Sehouli
Ass. Director:
PD Dr. med. C. Fotopoulou

Europäisches Kompetenzzentrum für Eierstockkrebs (EKZE)
Studienzentrale der NOGGO e.V.

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